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Night Of The Vegan

A Philly mobster, now in witness protection, becomes the unlikely hero of a mid-western town after a secret government experiment goes awry.

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“Rays of the Son”

Tory, street hardened teen is on the path to imprisonment or death until he crosses paths with Murphy, a former top cop who retired from the force to become the director of an inner city Boys & Girls Club after a justified shooting of an armed fourteen-year-old robbery suspect. Murphy witness’s Tory committing a crime but, decides not to turn the youth over to authorities. Instead, he slowly integrates the initially reluctant teen, burdened by a troubled home life, into the positive environment of the Boys & Girls Club. Tory experiences a journey of growth through true friendship and adult mentoring, but in his quest for dignity, Tory battles the pressures from neighborhood thugs, an absentee drug addicted mother and the responsibility of looking after his younger siblings.

A few years pass and Tory develops into a stellar athlete and academic standout. But all is jeopardized when the tenacious superstar former ex-partner and protégé of Murphy, Detective FOREST GRANT, uncovers evidence that indisputably seems to link Tory to a two-year-old unsolved robbery homicide. Murphy is determined to prove his innocence as the clock ticks away on Tory’s fate Murphy must match wits with Grant who holds the upper hand on his old mentor.


“Creature In The Woods” – Found Footage Horror

Starring Alex Pappaterra, Freemon Jackson and Jessica Pearson;

Amateur filmmaker Chanda sets out into the wilderness to film a survivalist film documentary with friend and survival expert Demitrius and her brother Nic as tech support. Once in the woods the trio discovers a legendary creature and abandon their plans to film the survivalist documentary foolishly setting out on an expedition to track and capture the creature’s existence on film unwittingly becoming its’ next prey.

“Daddy Can We Keep Him?” – Comedy

Is a family comedy where an Eccentric vagabond force the workaholic father of a dysfunctional wealthy family to face his worst fears when he is rewarded a one-week stay for saving the daughter’s life.

A Fool and His Money Poster

“A Fool & His Money” – Comedy

A bumpkin inventor concocts a ghostly tale hiding he’s the butler of his former mansion from his kin, while concealing their surprise weekend visit from the day sleeping new owner.

P.A.W.N.S., The Zombie Express – Horror

It begins as a cross-country train trip ensnares MICAJAH “CAGE” BLACK, a highly trained government Black Ops agent on vacation with his wife, and other passengers on board in a fight for their lives against four government secret weapon super zombies…P.A.W.N.S.(Prototype Army of Walking Necrotic Soldiers).

Sheep’s Clothing – Psychological Thriller/Romance

KRISTINA “KRIS” HAUSER is a loving mother, unselfish wife and compassionate University Professor who lives a simple life in a small east coast town until her world begins to crumble around her. A drunk driver tragically takes Kris’s only child away from her and her husband files for divorce. The last life-changing event comes when Kris’s identity is stolen during an online purchase by a west coast street savvy hacker. A distraught grieving and recent divorcee Kris turns the tables on her identity thief after the thief lands a windfall with the victim’s stolen identity.

Yesterday Mourning – Period Drama

A fugitive Nazi survives decades using a dead Jewish P.O.W.’s identity but risks exposure and death when the man’s genealogy searching nephew tracks him down.

Script was 2016 Page International Screenwriting Awards Semi-Finalist. In May 2018 Leroy and Elijah signed a publishing deal with Covenant Books. Yesterday Mourning is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes.