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The Tingling – Horror

An original half-hour horror television series that pushes the boundaries of the unknown with a succession of hair-raising episodes that are an adroit mixture of drama, psychological thriller, science fiction, suspense, horror, urban legends, and monster myths. Each episode will deal with individuals who are unluckily charming, inherently evil and those who are doomed by destiny.

Pilot – “The Cadaver”

A young man is an honor medical student by day and fledgling serial killer by night. However, when one of his victims ends up as his cadaver in class the tables are turned and he gets his just desserts.

Cadaver Holding a Knife
Cadaver Going Up Steps

Reality TV:

Chesapeake Crabbers follows America’s most sought after crustaceans from crab pot to the steam pot and sometimes the quirky superstitious, eccentric and unorthodox characters with the single minded goal to “net” the “No. 1’s”. We’ll follow five crabbers, including one of only three female watermen in the industry, into their world, with their own personalities and crabbing styles as they compete, cooperate and ply their trade to survive in an industry by any means necessary to make ends meet during the slow rebound of their quarry and industry, the Atlantic Blue Crab.

Urban Voodoo will dispel or reinforce paranormal and demonic beliefs with this real deal, unique urban insider’s view of the voodoo religion. Every episode follows the THUNDEROUS BEATING drums, as dozens of participants, women and men alike languidly prepare for the service. Get inside the personal lives, up-close-and-personal with nationally and internationally known, Gro Mambo Angela, High Priestess of the Voodoo Religion and her ecstatic group of parishioners as they gather for ritual, to commune with CREOLE spirits called “LOA” and their unpredictable interactions outside and within their sanctuary. Feel the backlash from the negative connotations associated with Satanism and Black Magic. (See www.gromambo.com).